Can Foreigners Get a Mortgage in Mexico?

Are you a Foreign national looking to purchase a Mexico Foreign National Mortgage? You have come to the right place. The first step in securing your Mexico Foreign National Mortgages is to make sure you meet all the necessary requirements for the loan and approval process. Mexico Foreign National Mortgages has become increasingly popular over the past two to three years. You can now easily get a mortgage in Mexico with just about anyone.

What are the Requirements for Obtaining a Mortgage in Mexico?

There are several requirements that must be met in order to obtain a Mexico Mortgage. Foreign nationals who wish to purchase property in Mexico will need to apply for a visa prior to applying for a mortgage. You also need to be a citizen of Mexico and have a passport. It is very important to remember that the price you pay for a Mexico Mortgage is determined by your credit rating, income, and location. In short, everything depends on your credit history!

Are There Different Types of Mortgages in Mexico?

There are several different types of Mexico Mortgages available to choose from. You can choose to purchase Mexico Real Estate directly through a Mexico Private Mortgage or a Mexico City Home Loan. Either way you go, there are several steps that you must go through to secure your mortgage when getting into real estate investing in Cabo.

Experience in Real Estate Sales is Required to Obtain a Mortgage in Mexico

Many of the private mortgage companies that originate mortgages in Mexico require applicants to have at least one year of experience in real estate sales. Experience is required because it helps you understand the types of properties you are dealing with and the current trends in the market. It will also help you understand the Mexican legal process involved with buying, selling, and leasing any Mexico property. 

Also, the experience will give you more confidence. If you don’t understand something in the process, you have no option but to ask an experienced real estate professional about it. There is nothing worse than taking a mortgage and spending time researching something you may not fully understand. One way to obtain real estate sales experience is to attend online real estate courses.

Apply For a Mortgage in Mexico

The first step in the process is to apply for your mortgage. Go to your local bank or credit union and inquire about a Mexico Mortgage. When you arrive at the office you will need to fill out a mortgage application that will be filled out by a mortgage broker. After being approved you will be assigned Loan Managers and will be responsible for finding tenants to rent the property. They will also be responsible for collecting the monthly payments from the tenants and managing the property as per the schedule decided upon. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions set forth in the contract you sign.

Sign the Deed to the Property

Once you receive your mortgage, you will be expected to sign the deed to the property. Once the deed is signed you will be the owner of the property. This means that you own the entire property but can not sell it without first taking care of any outstanding payments on the loan. Once the loan is paid off, you will legally own the property. The process of selling a Mexico Mortgage involves selling the property as is, but you can make minor repairs to increase the overall value.

Property Master Contract

After completing a Mexico Mortgage you will receive a Property Master Contract. This is a binding agreement between you and the seller of the property. Be sure to read it carefully. In this contract you are agreeing to purchase the property as is, including all associated properties attached to it such as appliances, fixtures, and the land it sits on.


Many people ask what are the steps involved in financing a home in Cabo. The process of securing financing for a home in Cabo varies from one buyer to the next. The actual process of securing financing for a new house in Cabo varies from one buyer to another as well. Each buyer has his or her own set of requirements.

To get the best deal on a Mexico Mortgage you should use the services of a broker. A broker will have access to the best deals in the real estate market. Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced buyer looking for a buy to let investment property, you should be able to find a great mortgage deal on the Mexico real estate market. With a little research and knowledge you can be well on your way to investing in Mexico’s future. Visit Mexico today!