How Difficult is the Real Estate Exam?

The real estate licensing exam is not going to have you shaking with fear. As in any exam, preparation and organization are key to success. If you are nervous about passing, speak with real estate brokers in your area that have just recently passed the national examination known as the Real Estate Industry Insights Examination (REIA). There are many online guides available to help test your knowledge of the laws involved in real estate licensing.

Try a Pre-Licensing Exam

Taking a pre-licensing exam is a great way to prepare for the real estate exam. This exam is offered by the NREA and offers the prospective real estate agent a significant advantage over other potential agents in the market. These exams are designed to help the real estate agent pass the National Real Estate Association National Licensing Exam. With an eye toward the future, these online practice exams allow the future real estate agent to become familiar with the licensing process before taking the actual test.

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Online Guides Can Make the Real Estate Exam Easier

The online courses and guides prepared by some online real estate exam prep courses can actually make the exam much easier than it would be on your own. The reason why the online exam prep course can make the exam much easier is because you can study from home at any time of the day or night. You don’t need to drive to a testing center, and you don’t even need to be there to pass.

The Real Estate Exam Won’t Be Difficult With the Right Preparation

The difficulty can also depend on the type of real estate broker you are and how prepared you are to pass the exam. If you are a licensed real estate salesperson, then the licensing exam can be fairly easy provided you have had a sufficient amount of training. The majority of agents that work in commercial real estate have little or no real estate experience, so the licensing exam can be very tough, particularly if you lack the experience or training to prepare for it.

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Make Sure You Are Taking the Correct Real Estate Exam For Your State

If you are licensed as a broker in a specific state, then you will need to take the exam for that state. Usually, there are two kinds of exams that brokers must take; the national portion and the state portion. The national portion typically tests you on the subjects covered in the broker’s national charter, which covers most of the rules and regulations that govern the state you are practicing in. On the other hand, the state portion usually tests you on the areas in which you are certified to practice in. Most states require that you pass the national portion before qualifying for the state exam.


One thing is for sure, it is in all brokers’ best interest to spend a great deal of time studying for the licensing exams. A great way to do this is by finding a reliable and trustworthy testing company that will give you practice tests to help you prepare. Once you know exactly what questions to expect, you can focus your time and efforts on getting ready to ace the exam the first time.